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Friday, January 28, 2011

:::Chapter 5: Bagaimana kau merasa BANGGA?:::


'Bagaimana kau merasa BANGGA?'
'akan dunia yang SEMENTARA?'
'bagaimanakah bila semua'
hilang dan pergi meninggalkan dirimu?

Saat skrg, I'm home. kembali dalam pangkuan keluarga tercinta dalam lembayung rahmat Illahi...cewah! alhamdulillah ...dpt jugak cuti seminggu walaupun baru saja dpt tau the entire batch of medical faculty of this very lovely UNIMAS TAK DAPAT CUTI 4 BULAN...mula2 rasa mcm arghhh...tp bila fikir2 balik, bgs jugak x dpt cuti 4 bulan tuh...hbs LESAP ilmu 4 bulan tu..lama tuh cuti...Aiman tak kesah!

Di rumah, tugas da'wah tetap rancak bagi saya. mestilah kan...tugas penda'wah di jalan Allah tak pernah berhenti dalam pengharapan SYAHID di jalanNYA..tiada yang indah...none other than that..the sweetness of Al-Jannah...pengharapan bertemu dgn Sang Pencipta Yang Tertinggi..dalam pengharapan untuk bertemu Sang Kekasih Rasulullah sallalahualaihiwassalam yang bakal memanggil umatnya " Umatti Ummati Ummati" UMATKU!
Adakah aku salah seorang daripada yang dipanggil????Adakah ibubapa ku juga? keluargaku? guru-guruku? sahabat-sahabatku?? Adakah kami saling mengenali di sana kelak?
adakah aku mengenali ibubapa ku di sana kelak??


Ya Allah, aku mohon dengan sangat...redhakanlah syurgaMu untuk hambaMu yang lemah ini...aku memohon Ya ALlah...Janganlah ENgkau lalaikan aku dengan kehidupan dunia ini...dekatkan aku pada jalan da'wah..membantu rantaian perjuangan Rasulullah menegakkan kalimah Allah dan Islam...

::sekeping hati yg lemah::

"kenapa hadir, Ya Hamba Allah...?"
Sungguh...JIKA aku akur, hatiku tersentuh, tidak ku janji ianya untukmu...
Sungguh...JIKA kita akui hati terasa bahagia, SUNGGUH kebahagiaan itu SEMENTARA kerana tiada REDHA dari ALLAH di atas sesuatu yang bukan HALAL bagi kita...
Sungguh...JIKA kau merasa semakin jauh dariku, begitu juga diriku, NESCAYA..YAKINLAH...itu bukan suatu kekalahan bagimu...PERCAYALAH kita MENANG dalam jihad nafsu..kita MENANG di dalam permainan hasutan SYAITAN...
Sungguh...Allah membuka ruang untuk kita memperbaiki diri sendiri..banyakkan masa membantu agamanya daripada kita menghabiskan masa diselebungi rasa bahagia yang sementara..
Sungguh, jangan dahulu merasa BANGGA jika dirimu bukan muslim sejati


:::THE tranquil face..THE unrest heart...:::

:::The smiling face, The crying heart...:::
:::O Allah, put the strength into my heart...:::
::: To tranquil both soul&heart:::
:::That's what I've been looking for..:::

Thursday, January 20, 2011

:::Chapter 4: I adore their strength:::

Assalamualaikum Wbt..

Today, Allah has given one more new lesson to be thought of...

::About 3 or 4 months back then, I was taken aback when being informed that one of my friend [KML's friend] was diagnosed of having a bone cancer...I was taken aback for sure upon hearing the news... I was the one that chosen to be informed by somebody as I am currently in Kuching and he also stay in Kuching. Plus, from my faculty to Sarawak General Hospital[SGH] is just a walking-distance . Immediately, I contacted[texting him] for confirmation,yet it is TRUE... by that time, he was having his chemotherapy cycle and postpone his study in UNIMAS also [ under ENGINEERING FACULTY]...I was like wanted to meet up with him whenever he got any chemo cycle in SGH...BUT at last, we could not meet up as I was so packed and could not sort any time or day to see him...:::

:::Last 2-week:::
we texting each other after sometimes and I just wanted to know his progression...ALHAMDULILLAH...He said he is currently in UNIMAS continuing his study...Hopefully, Allah always granting him and everyone with a good health & welfare..ameen...

"Do you know what is better than charity and fasting and prayer? It is keeping peace and good relations between people, as quarrels and bad feelings destroy mankind." (Muslims & Bukhari)


I got msg from my ex-schoolmate, Nur Nabilah...she said she is in SGH for getting a treatment..
Having a time to visit her, just after the class I straight away making my way to SGH by foot[my eleven bus].. Reaching SGH, I gave her a phone call asking where on earth she's waiting for me..
She said she is waiting for me at Pharmacy area...

At last, after 1 year didn't seeing each other, we met in that crowded atmosphere...how relieved I was!!!We hugged each other tightly...
She told me that after being diagnosed with Thalasaemia[I think it is a minor as she didn't showing up any symptom of major beta-thalasaemia..so I guessed it is not...], she is currently diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis![http://www.medicinenet.com/myasthenia_gravis/article.htm] [ I just having that lecture this week!]

So, I was like felt into my own silentness...I could not spurr any words..Having thought of her disease...It's so common having reading about this disease...everywhere in my pathology's book.it..BUT it is so UNCOMMON having the one that I know since I was small[ she is my childhood friend as well] to also having that disease...I silently listened to her..having just an eye-contact, I couldn't help myself from not to show up my sadness...she is just the same age with me...........

I tried my best to calm her down...this disease is a progression disease[meaning that this disease will showing up its appearance as the time goes by, as she growing up...she might present with PTOSIS, RESPIRATORY DIFFICULTIES and some others.]...AND it can just be improved by eating anticholinesterase but having too much consuming of this drug will give you another parasympathetic effects for instance, Salivation! She was looking a bit worry knowing the fact from doctor that this disease is a long-life disease...

She wrapped up our meeting as her mom already waited outside...and it touched my heart very much when she took out a small box..[giving me a present...It such a nice watch!] and we hugged each other for the farewell...I just could not stand my feeling and burst into tears...and so with her...we hugged each other calmly but tears running down silently...I could no longer helped myself to wipe my tears...::

:::Having my way back to my college:::
Along the way back, I kept thinking about what had happened in my surroundings...starting with the one that diagnosed with cancer, and just now, myasthenia gravis....I really made a deep thought...you know...honestly, I feel nothing by looking of any pictures of any random person throughout this world which suffered from diseases, ...I barely feel nothing...but having looking her face just now...I am unsure of this feeling...I feel like ...is it true? is it her? is it him? is it my friend? I admit the fact that I feel so SAD...on top of that, I KNOW...ALLAH always make a good plan of HIS servants...AND HE HAS HIS OWN PLANNING on what had happened, just happened and what will happen in our life...maybe today Allah giving them both diseases ..who knows..Allah also giving me the same circumstances as well one day.???

today..I am reaching one more step as a Allah servant, the fact that.. be more HUMBLE in front of HIM as HE creates me...everything I do, the knowledge that I learn everyday 100% come from HIM..

"Conduct yourself in this world, as if you are here to stay forever; prepare for eternity as if you have to die tomorrow." (Hadith narrated by: Bukhari)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

::chapter3: Sinful ::


I think I should have just continue with 'Looking back the unstoppable moments' as my life is going on everyday not until Izrail comes and takes me away....

::Today, life is so packed with helplessly useless stuffs::

Alhamdulillah, the useless stuffs are not my lecturers and not even my lectures yet something useless [in my opinion] related to my surroundings. I am currently tied by this non-official agreement to become so-called emcee for the CNY celebration in my college...I rather somehow a bit reluctant on joining the emcee stuff but but but........after having double yet triple thought on that matter, finally I made a final decision to AGREE ...I am thinking of these:

1.Tolerancy...I should put myself into his shoes. I know he is in his strong attempt to make a surprise [as he admitted ] to outsiders that I can speak chinese [ though I find it somehow to be very offensive to know the fact of his intention. but, that's just what I thought, maybe he owns a better explanation for what I had just thought...[hopefully with no regrets]...

"Allah will not give mercy to anyone, except those who give mercy to other creatures." [Hadith narrated by: Abdullah b. Amr: Abu Daud & Tirmidhi]

2.That's the nature of me.. it is almost impossible for me to say NO if someone seeks for my help on doing something..I can just barely say YES..[though I might having double thought on saying my agreement but yet as expected, I maintain my nature..]... should I stay remain this way or not?
3.Seeks for opinions...I have couple friends of mine whom just giving me another perception about this matter. They said why not? Then I slowly said why yes,then?

finishing that...still...the final answer is still a yes...May Allah bless me...

::Talking nonsense about chinese literature making my head helplessly spinning::

ouch! This is really such a big cramming puzzle for me to solve! I couldn't help it! My chinese friend giving me such unpleasant thing to think off and I could not help myself from not to think any of it..What a brain-cramming deep literature up to the point that I did something unimportant for Islam...How USELESS I am! I am not angry any of the literature thingy, or neither pointing up my index finger on my housemate...NO..I am blamming myself[100%] for wasting my time and did something useless for Islam and I feel so SINFUL! I am aware Allah is watching but I still busy thinking of that unimportant stuff..O Allah, please forgive me....

::I enjoy studying ::

You know, I tend to fall in love more and more everyday in my study...you know...anatomy is a bit DRY subject...BUT I have no idea why I changing the status [dislike---> LIKE] as I think I get to appreciate more and more of what Allah has create for His creation inside and out...inrinsically and extrinsically...internally and externally...anteriorly and posteriorly....It's so perfect! From the very very minute nerve up to biggest muscle, Allah has done it perfectly! SUBHANALLAH! I should say it now...I should say...it is the biggest guilty if I end up this block with a bad result...apart from thinking about that, I am starting to nourish and gaining my strength to stay hardworking and never take this subject for granted merely for Allah...

"Whoever is kind, Allah will be kind to him; therefore be kind to man on the earth. He Who is in heaven will show mercy on you."[Abu Daud: Tirmidhi]

:::Closure: I should calmly lying on bed now..but I end-up my night on blogging...you might think I am just wasting my time, but not for me...I am in a very bad emotion right now...and I should 'talk' to my Creator after this...:::

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


السلام عليكم

::time limitation : 30 minutes::

Hopefully in this 30 minutes time, I could share as many as possible in this post.

1. Under this UPPS Economy Bureau

::Starting my day as a medical student as well as AJK Ekonomi UPPS[Surau] is not extremely easy and YET also not extremely BURDENSOME. I take it with a big [BIG ] pleasure.. becoming a medical student is not totally causing you to 24-7 stucked in a pail of notes or books, as for me, gaining economy[financial] sources for surau also absolutely fine for me as I do this merely for Allah and may Allah receive my deed. [InsyaAllah]... ::this time is totally different from what I had been hardly went through in Kolej Matrikulasi Labuan. and the scope is so much FAR FAR different..In KML, I was a head of Lajnah Akademik [for muslimat] and handling things related to study was the common job I did, back then. Diskusi Akademik[I start to miss many things in Labuan eventhough I just spell out one of the memorable thing/event that happened there. How powerful KML could be? You will know it if you are happen to be KML student! AND AJK SURAU AL IRFAAN even more! :)

::what's different??I feel like spewing things out now!::

CHAPTER 1 : 1001 memories of Al-Irfaan & the people of it

[emotional disorders]

--->My Muslimin leader: Lajnah Akademik: He is pretty much inspirable as a student..[I should regurgitate this out here after 1year storing it inside my voice box..]..he was as busy as me...no no no...correction...he was even more busier than me. Handling many programmes under Al-Irfan..I am just a piece of meat to be compared to him...Doing so many things never obstruct him from getting 4flat in his study and also missed just a 0.xx point to get 4 flat in 2nd semester,..Unlike me, I was so useless handling my emotional part [ being scolded by him, being ignored any of my opinions, being a pseudo-secretary to him and many2 more unsatisfied things ] . Worst it,I opted to leave my lajnah and texting him to take my assistant as my replacement [ how immature I was by that time] ..On top of it, Allah has touched my heart for NOT TO DO SO...so I didn't..instead of retreating myself from lajnah, I stayed. Alhamdulillah..nevertheless..No matter how bad we were treating each other, or no matter how very rude we were talking to each other [arguing over tiny problems , I admit that, he indirectly teaching me alots of lessons.. As a leader, I respect him so much.. thank you Allah for giving me such a memorable first experience to work for ISLAM ..giving me such a problematical yet brilliant leader for me to encounter with as I growing up as a MUSLIMAH with that bitter experience...by the time being, I tend to put as much 'SUGAR' as I could afford to make it SWEET just like now..once being as a part of Al Irfaan family, it is turn out to be so sweet and I am sinking in the sweetness of the memories in my mind now and forever my life[world&HereAfter]...InsyaAllah & ALhamdulillah..


"O ye who believe! If ye will aid (the cause of) Allah, He will aid you, and plant your feet firmly"

"Wahai orang-orang yang beriman, kalau kamu membela (agama) Allah nescaya Allah membela kamu (untuk mencapai kemenangan) dan meneguhkan tapak pendirian kamu

::My Sahabat-sahabat..[brothers&sisters in Islam of KML-Al Irfan]..my bestfriend ever,PKAH[whom always supporting me], Rahimah, Haslinah hijau, pijut, dinie, Rarang,Masrah, bibut,azlinah, Tura, Nana[My roommate], tiqa, afrah, hafiz, azri, al-amin, abg azri, izat...many2 more people..I just spew several names that revolved throughout my days in KML.. not to mentioned the one that I just written above. missing that ukhuwah so much..longing and missing...InsyaAllah if we never get to meet in this world, may Allah meet us all in His Al-Jannah...InsyaAllah...

*thank you for being so understanding, not scolding me during the camp[though I was crying my heart out!!], accepting me in the Al-Irfan with so much pleasure, helping me around during my hard times...thank you!*

CHAPTER 2 : Encounter new life & new people

:: for biro ekonomi, there is no such thing like having what so-called 'ahli lajnah'..here, I am the only assistant to my muslimin leader...and there is only both of us in this bureau. The same thing goes for other bureaus. not to mention it.

::Muslimin leader is my 2nd year senior --> RESPECT. yes. that's it. it's not like my previous leader which is just the same age with me. for my new leader, I am fully obeying his words. [not so 100%..haha]..but he is just fine..not strict at all..cool..and easily breaking into laugh whenever I make mistakes while talking and even when I showing disagree face in front of him..the thing that he probably spell out might be..'mana-mana je' which I actually hate the most..no feeling of depressed getting him as my leader...I learnt that kind of strength from my previous experience, and I think, I am stronger than before in term of encountering many kind of people behaviours..

--> sahabat2 hahahaha...they are just them! [ermm...don't get it wrong by listening to this pronounciation...maybe a bit harsh if you hear it wrongly!] I love to be in this circle..they are so much fun to be with and alhamdulillah, so far, the same faces 'filling up' the surau has becoming my mutual friends...cari kawan , yg selalu pergi surau.. and also there are seniors. to name it, Kak syikin, kak lina, kak mimi, kak ema, kak surianah and several of them more also always get closer to me & my several friends in preaching what we should do next and next as a muslimah[da'ie of Islam]...not to be mentioned here as it is 'in the box' matter.

--> selling nasi lemak
I did it! Rarang, I beat your lajnah makanan !!!pejah pandai suda jual2 nasi lemak!!!hahahahaha .. though it was cook under hire-wire kitchen and alhamdulillah no one gets diarrhoea from eating it!!!!

cooking& selling nasi lemak under surau all by myself and not to forgot, several friends came & helped me..:LELA,AUFI,KAK LINA..tq! it such a thumbs up moment recently...hahahaa...I should be proud to mention it but still stuck in the shyness..hahahaha...In the end, I felt so relieved! I did it! BUT NOT TO PROUD OF..HAHA

:::As a conclusion, apart of being student, I should feeling more pleasure taking myself into this thing as long as it is, merely because of Allah & ISLAM, I will never count it as a burden...:::

::I just have 2 chapters inside this so-called book... namely ' Looking Back The Unstoppable Moments '

[author: Kekuatan Dalam Cahaya Kemenangan]

Sunday, January 9, 2011

:::Murabbi Cintaku:::


Khutbah ini disampaikan pada 9hb Zulhijjah

Tahun 10 Hijri di Lembah Uranah, Gunung Arafah

Wahai manusia, dengarlah baik-baik apa yang hendak kukatakan, Aku tidak mengetahui apakah aku dapat bertemu lagi dengan kamu semua selepas tahun ini.

Oleh itu dengarlah dgn teliti kata-kataku ini dan sampaikanlah ia kepada orang-orang yang tidak dapat hadir disini pada hari ini.

Wahai manusia, sepertimana kamu menganggap bulan ini dan Kota ini sebagai suci, maka anggaplah jiwa dan harta setiap orang Muslim sebagai amanah suci.

Kembalikan harta yang diamanahkan kepada kamu kepada pemiliknya yang berhak.

Janganlah kamu sakiti sesiapapun agar orang lain tidak menyakiti kamu lagi.

Ingatlah bahawa sesungguhnya, kamu akan menemui Tuhan kamu dan Dia pasti membuat perhitungan diatas segala amalan kamu. Allah telah mengharamkan riba, oleh itu segala urusan yang melibatkan riba dibatalkan sekarang.

Berwaspadalah terhadap syaitan demi keselamatan agama kamu. Dia telah berputus asa untuk menyesatkan kamu dalam perkara-perkara besar, maka berjaga-jagalah supaya kamu tidak mengikuti dalam perkara-perkara kecil.

Wahai Manusia Sebagaimana kamu mempunyai hak atas isteri kamu mereka juga mempunyai hak di atas kamu. Sekiranya mereka menyempurnakan hak mereka keatas kamu, maka mereka, juga berhak untuk diberi makan dan pakaian dalam suasana kasih sayang.

Layanilah wanita-wanita kamu dengan baik dan berlemah-lembutlah terhadap mereka kerana sesungguhnya mereka adalah teman dan pembantu kamu yang setia. Dan hak kamu atas mereka ialah mereka sama sekali tidak boleh memasukkan orang yang kamu tidak sukai kedalam rumah kamu dan dilarang melakukan zina.

Wahai Manusia, dengarlah bersungguh-sungguh kata-kataku ini,
sembahlah Allah, dirikanlah sembahyang lima kali sehari, berpuasalah di bulan Ramadhan, dan tunaikankanlah zakat dari harta kekayaan kamu. Kerjakanlah Ibadah Haji sekiranya kamu mampu.

Ketahui bahawa setiap Muslim adalah saudara kepada Muslim yang lain. Kamu semua adalah sama; tidak seorang pun yang lebih mulia dari yang lainnya kecuali dalam Taqwa dan beramal saleh.

Ingatlah, bahawa, kamu akan menghadap Allah pada suatu hari untuk dipertanggung jawabkan diatas segala apa yang telah kamu kerjakan. Oleh itu Awasilah agar jangan sekali-kali kamu terkeluar dari landasan kebenaran selepas ketiadaanku.

Wahai Manusia, tidak ada lagi Nabi atau Rasul yang akan datang selepasku dan tidak akan ada lain agama baru.

Oleh itu wahai manusia, nilailah dengan betul dan fahamilah kata-kataku yang telah aku sampaikan kepada kamu. Sesungguhnya aku tinggalkan kepada kamu dua perkara yang sekiranya kamu berpegang teguh dan mengikuti kedua-duanya, necaya kamu tidak akan tersesat selama-lamanya.

Hendaklah orang-orang yang mendengar ucapanku, menyampaikan pula kepada orang lain. Semoga yang terakhir lebih memahami kata-kataku dari mereka yang terus mendengar dariku. Saksikanlah Ya Allah, bahawasanya telah aku sampaikan risalahMu kepada hamba-hambaMU.


“Telah bersabda Rasullah s.a.w. Jibrail sentiasa mengharap-harapkan akan menjadi manusia kerana tujuh perkara iaitu, sembahyang yang lima berimam, duduk bersama ulamak-ulamak, menziarah orang sakit, menghantar jenazah, memberi air minum, mendamaikan diantara dua orang bermusuh-musuhan dan memuliakan jiran serta anak-anak yatim. Maka bersungguh-sungguhlah engkau diatas perkara tersebut”.

Telah bersabda Rasullah s.a.w. beramallah engkau dengan lurus hati kerana Allah. Bahawasanya Allah Ta’ala tidak akan menerima melainkan orang yang lurus hatinya. Allah Ta’ala telah berfirman yang bermaksud;

“Barang siapa mengharap untuk berjumpa dengan Tuhanya maka hendaklah

Dia beramal yang baik den janganlah mempersekutukan Tuhan dengan apa

Juga pun”.

:::Allahumma solli a'la Muhammad wa a'la alihhiwasohbihhiwassalam:::

Thursday, January 6, 2011

:::ini TENTANG saya...:::

[tapi, ini BUKAN saya]


I'm back for blogging again again and again after 3 DAYS in BATTLEFIELD! It was a BATTLE as I DID EMPTYING several BULLETS[shells] for me to TEMBAK[ ya TEMBAK!!!!!!!!!wooah!] if it were a real battle,surely[SURELY], I will be entitled as smart-dare-not CAPTAIN or whatsoever possible TITLE in military ad!

[wait2 CAPTAIN...I have one more bullet for you!1 minute left!!]

surely,it was a PHEW for me!phew...wow...alhamdulillah...!I'm done with my haemato exam. hopefully all the PT,aPTT,BT and the gang keep sticking inside my mind until the final exam and even up to year5, indeed.. PLUS,I'm worrying a bit about my elective course[sort of additional subject to get an extra hours for....entah].GUESS what...I managed to register for MEDICAL GENETIC[INTERESTING but the most scariest subject with the most passionate lecturer in GENETIC...SHOT!I'm DONE! completely this time!].

then next what?? result??NOPE!BIG BIG BIG NOPE ya! ya..next block is block 4: Musculoskelatal system. BUT...NOPE ...still NOT... there is one prior thing I have to do which I planned to do for the pass few weeks BUT still in progression aka KEEP IN VIEW...

I should start listing out,extracting out my PLANs down here prior to upcoming neuro disorder that I might encountered with which increase the risk to FORGET WHAT I plan to do. DONE WITH THAT UNREASONABLE explanation! TALK-TO-THE-HAND



1.BE MORE HUMBLE in my prayers...[Khusyuk solat lebih lebih]
'Sesungguhnya beruntunglah orang-orang yang beriman iaitu orang-orang yang KHUSYUK dalam solatnya' (surah Al-Mukminun ayat 1-2)

Rasulullah SAW bersabda

"Kadangkala orang yang sembahyang tidak diterima setengah dari sembahyangnya atau sepertiga ATAU seperlima ATAU seperenam ATAUPUN sepersepuluh. Sesungguhnya sembahyang seseorang yg diterima hanyalah yang dikerjakannya dengan sedar" {HR Ahmad}

:: Faham konsep MURAQABAH(berasa selalu DIAWASI oleh NYA)...::
'Daripada Anas r.a berkata "Sesungguhnya kamu melakukan banyak perkara yang kamu lihat remeh, lebih kecil dari sehelai RAMBUT sedangkan pada zaman Rasulullah SAW ia dilihat sebagai dosa yang MEMUSNAHKAN" [ HR Bukhari]


2.READ more RELIGIOUS book, ISLAMIC reading stuffs
I've bought :
(i)Murabbi Cinta[ sayangnyer dah jilid ke-3! I missed another 2. It is written by Ustaz Hasrizal aka Saifulislam. ]

(ii)Mati Suatu Peringatan by Tuan Guru Nik Aziz...(seriously, though it was produced quite a few years back then, but it is always NEW for those whom always NEED it!
(iii)Di Dunia Ada Syurga by Asma Nadia.[I didn't even have time to touch it!Ooo..wait2 ]
(iv)Kesilapan Ketika Sembahyang[comment: THUMBS UP! ]
(v)Dialog ISLAM-KRISTIAN BY ABDUL MUTA'AL AS AS'IDY[ it was quite a lengthy book [MAYBE FOR ME IT WAS QUITE A PAGES BOOK but I GET alot IDEAS especially in explaining to those NON-muslim about ISLAM...]

five books are enough by this time PLUS AL-QURAN[my Tafsir Quran, STAY NEARER YA]]& AL MATHURAT...

3. BE A MORE positive thinker

::berprasangka BAIK terhadap ALLAH::
::berprasangka baik sesama manusia::

4. Pray for my PARENTS [ENCIK DELIE MAHSIN & PUAN HARNINGSIH OERIP MARSONO TJOKRODIREDJO] dunia&akhirat..for their health& may Allah forgive for any mistakes that they done in this world & reward them with Al-Jannah.INSHAALLAH..
.make a PHONE call at LEAST once a week...

::O Allah, meet me up with my parents in Al-Jannah ::

::"Janji RasuluLlah SAW bahawa semua akan bersama orang yang ia cintai dihari kiamat. Semoga kita hidup & wafat dalam cinta kepada RasuluLlah ShalALLAHu`alaihiwasalam & para Ulama` Shalihin. ALLAHumma amiin. Al-Fatihah.::

5. Ingat MATI!TAUBAT sepenuh-penuh hatimu...

::beribadatlah seakan-akan mati itu menjelang esok hari dan lebih extreme lagi mungkin lepas ni...[bagi yg menulis ni,wallahualam]::

::'Dan datanglah sakaratulmaut dengan sebenar-benarnya. itulah yang kamu selalu lari darinya' [Surah Qaff ayat 19]::

'saat kematian, setiap sendi menghulurkan salam perpisahan kerana sungguh telah lama berada dalam anggota badan ibarat anggota keluarga, yang membantu antara satu sama lain, susah senang dirasa bersama, untuk bertahun-tahun, waima berpuluh tahun sekalipun, tiba saat untuk bercerai dari badan umpama sakitnya tidak terhingga...kesedihannya urat sendi tidak terbendung hanya diketahui oleh Allah yang Maha Pencipta...ditambah, mereka mempunyai tugasan yang lebih BERAT dari ALlah iaitu di mana mereka diarahkan bertutur untuk saudara sendi mereka yang lain; tangan akan bertutur untuk anggota mulut yang sudah terkunci dan sebaliknya....'

6. bE a good&competent medical STUDENT!!!


::'A'llahumma zuqni fahmma nabiyyin, Wa hifzal mursallin
Birrahmatika Ya A'rhammarRohimmin, Walhamdulillah hirobbil a'lamin...ameen
Ya Rob'::


::becoming a GOOD MUSLIM DOCTOR aka DA'IE IN THE HOSPITAL, Biiznillah::

::alhamdulillah...I keep sitting for hours after zohor finishing&finalising this Longest POST!Ideas POURING OVER TOO much after entitled as CAPTAIN...whuawhuawhua...Getting numbs everywhere! [clap clap clap] ...

[WELL-DONE,CAPTAIN!I am proud of you!]