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Sunday, April 21, 2013


 Assalamualaikum warahmatullah


Alhamdulillah. I’m back!

I am currently happily cheerfully officially celebrating my holiday for 2 weeks after finishing my 3rd year. And Alhamdulillah. I am in my 4th year.

I still vividly remember, when I was in my 1st year in medical school, I always wanted to enter sort of Islamic education during weekend. 

I mean, things like Arabic language class and the rest. However, as the saying goes ‘practice what you preach’ , it blends well with my circumstances, oppositely!!!

When I was in 2nd and 3rd year, I was still not joining any Islamic teaching lesson. Busy with my study. Konon nyaaaaa

After being promoted to 4th year, I’ve started to re-consider my dream. So, I took my first pace towards the meaningful journey to be in my life by looking for the suitable madrasah. I have several choices and ended up by choosing this madrasah. It’s not far. Just around this Kuching area. And I have to drive there every weekend. If only I am free. I’m trying to be compliance to attend the class every weekend but at the same time, I also have some usrah to attend as well.

You know what, since I decided to change when I was in matric until now, I think this kind of ‘penghijrahan’ has taught me a lot of things. I always wanted to encourage myself to make use my free time.I am not bragging things or praising myself, May Allah forgives me, but this is it. I am not denying and even admitting that I also spare sometimes to watch movies or variety shows, but, I guess I’ve become more motivated if I joined usrah and other good things like that.

Alhamdulillah, after meeting with ustaz and ustazah (my mua’lim and his wife), I was accepted to enter this madrasah and was permitted to join their lessons every weekend. The Ustaz told me that, I should join an Arabic language class first before learning the rest, for instance Fiqh and the rest because he’s teaching using Arabic version of books/kitab. So, I was agree since it is fun to learn Arabic language!!!

My first class:

my 1st class <3 font="">

It was really nerve-wrecking when I first stepped in the house of my mua’lim. Besides his house, there is small house connected to his house which become the hostel and classrooms for the students. The hostel ...ya...the madrasah also offering the parents who wanted to send their children there, stay there for months/years to learn after SPM. They are those who wanted to take STAM. 

 Isn’t this a good effort ? Absolutely. May Allah makes ease my mua’lim efforts to preach in Sarawak. Amin.

As I walking in, a muslimah, younger than me greeted me nicely. I told her that this is my first time being there. She explained to me everything about the schedule, the activities of the madrasah and many more. She is staying in  the hostel with the rest since couple of months ago and she can memorise and speak Arabic fluently. The hostel for the muslimin is at the another section of the house.

I was gathered with another first-timer classmate (basic Arabic class). Funny was, they were all primary school students.

 This is really a new chapter of my life. I sit and learn together with those cute kids and they really accept me and never degrade me... Initially, I was feeling so small being surrounded by them. (haha)...looking right and left....haha...

 But I never felt down learning together with them. Imagine, a 22-year old kakak tua sitting with a bunch of 10 years old kids.... haha...But I have to admit that, their brains are really superb to compare with mine .....haha...(they took only 5 minutes to memorise . Me??? 30 minutes.)
Seriously, an Arabic language is not easy to learn. Again, I have to re-set my intention. I’m learning for the sake of Allah. This is the language of Al Quran...

My 2nd class :
My 2nd class <3 font="">
During my 2nd class, I was taught about the ‘hand’...(err...hard for me to explain here. The pic tells everything)...
The 'hand'

I always laughing during the class because those kiddos were so funny. They tend to ask something that sounds funny to me... But my 2nd class was a bit bored for me because I can’t laugh that loud because some new muslimin students who are about my age also joining the class. So, I was more silent than my 1st class.

My 3rd class:

Today is my 3rd class. This morning. It went smoothly. And my mua’lim even greeted me with “Ahlan wasahlan” in front of another ustaz. I was nodded couple of times to respond....because this is my 3rd class...don’t expect me to answer in Arabic!! Haha...
Today, the mua’lim(teacher) for today class was not my mua’lim. There was another ustaz taught us. And he told us 1 thing (maybe from hadith...) something sounds like this,
“Apa yang menyempurnakan wajib, adalah wajib”

 I am not intended to portray my story as a travelog version of mine. This is just a sharing. And also giving some ideas for you guys who have no ideas how to spend your weekend or your holiday....!
And pray for me to be istiqamah. When I was listening to IKIM FM, there was someone said that ‘Untuk istiqamah selalu, kita kena cari ilmu....”

So, as long as Allah gives you the breath to live, look for the knowledge especially knowledge for Islam and always upgrade your iman and improve. Be a better muslim and understand Islam....
  I’m not writing any episodes of my Arabic class story next time. Only this special version. Thank you.
Tabarallahuminna wa minkum. Assalamualaikum.... and wish me luck...

Hayya a'lal falah....

This is the instruments for qasidah

Some of the books in arabic

Part of the classroom

hey, found another kompang and rebana hidden....