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Thursday, November 22, 2012

::Save Palestine and Syria::

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah

nothing much to say here. as I am quite busy this few weeks.
but it's not wrong to spare sometimes to share something about save palestine and syria.

Everyone knows they are suffering right now. Do something guys!

we know that we are still in Malaysia.

We have no idea when the time come for us to jihad fi sabilillah together with our brothers and sisters there.

but that doesn't mean that we can sit still , doing nothing.

1. Pray for them with all your hearts to Allah SWT. Amin
2. Donate.

erasi dan pengurusan umum HALUAN

Nama Akaun: HALUAN
No Akaun: 14-023-01-000881-3
Bank: Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad

Bantuan kecemasan dan bencana

Nama Akaun: HALUAN
No Akaun: 14-023-01-002571-8
Bank: Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad

Sumbangan, bantuan atau tajaan anak-anak yatim dan fakir miskin

Nama Akaun: Tabung Amanah Asnaf HALUAN
No Akaun: 12-038-01-007164-2
Bank: Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad

Tabung Palestin

Bantuan dan sumbangan khusus untuk projek kesedaran dan bantuan mangsa kekejaman rejim haram Zionis di Palestin:
Nama Akaun: Tabung Palestin HALUAN
No Akaun - BIMB14-023-01-003429-2
No Akaun - Maybank5644 9020 8528

3. Boycott
4. Make an intention that 1 day, you will go there and do your jihad fisabilillah.

I couldn't be boasting about my future career if I am not the one who can help and treat them with my own bare hands.


Monday, November 12, 2012

::Finding the best way to get closer to Him::

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah...

Allahumma ssolli A'la saiyidina Muhammad wa a'la aali Muhammad.

Today, I think I can't stand any longer the pressure.

Yes. The pressure

Pressure of being an ignorance Muslim.

I can't stand it.

I always feel that I am not doing the right thing

always bounded by something

My relationship with Allah?

Trying hard to cling to Him eventhough I know it by myself I am slowly slowing down my pace.

Isn't that suppose not to happen?

But I don't know why. sadly said!

Astaghfiruullah ...

Do you ever feel like...

"am I doing a right thing?"
"why can't I be khusyuk in my solat?"
"why this tears doesn't come out ....?"
"My heart getting 'cold!'"
"O, I am hopeless muslim!"

I think I done so many sins regardless minor or major sins, but I must have done something wrong.

I have wronged Allah in many ways that I myself perhaps did not realised it.

Please forgive me, O Allah for my wrongdoings.

Please forgive me.

I'll try my best to be more alert in anything that I do. InsyaAllah....

Guys out there, no matter how much sins that we might have done to Allah, don't forget to hurry realise the things and hurry get yourself  back to Him, remember Him, and trust Him.

Let's pray for the best of Ummah. amin.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

::Writing from my heart::

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah

Hi everyone there.! May Allah bless your day and place us all in His Jannah. Amin

Today. no. actually it has been a week since I started to feel something grow deep down inside my heart.

To you guys reading this, for your information , I have 4 nephews, 1 had just passed away few years ago, he was still a small baby at that time. and the rest 3 are all naughty!

In other people opinion, they might regard me as quite a loud-cute aunty..(nak jugak letak cute!). I not a type of auntie who pamper my nephews like kissing and hugging them all the time. because I am just not among the type. I am more to like 

"eh eh...jangan main luarrrrrr......."
"habiskannnn nasikkk tuuuuuuu...."
"jangan gadoh gadoh..."(sambil tangan pegang hanger)

sometimes, I do admit the fact that I really want to sayang-sayang with them. soemtimes, I managed. sometimes quite so-so...and I am trying until now. to be more gentle to them. 

and this 1 week, I am currently doing my paediatric posting. and for sure, starting my everyday life looking those innocent faces. the different between them and my nephews is they are sick. 1 of my nephew actually having this kind of asthma. but it should be ok up to now. InsyaAllah

you know, I never entertain or play like crazy with kids other than my nephews and my little brother(when he was so small back then). 

that was my world and story with kids. but now, Allah gives me these bulk of kids to be entertained. and they are all so pure and innocent...


I just realised how innocent and pure my nephews are. same go with these kids in the ward...How I miss my nephews...! 


I started to grow fond on them. admiring them. smiling and laughing alone by watching their actions. so innocent, NO SINS at all, very pure, and the list goes on........ 

and realising that how sincere I am writing about them now :)  

and realising that Allah create us, as a women, by nature, will change according to the surroundings, become more mature, more motherly and become more stronger in facing this very difficult life. Alhamdulillah....Thank you Allah for all the gives. Thank you Allah!

These are the faces that make me smile everyday....

I met him at surau at my college <3 td="td">

My first patient in Paeds ward.. Ekmal Akhbar 4 y/o

His bed was next to Ekmal. 

Picture was taken when I was in O&G posting

Picture taken when I was doing my O&G

Last but not least, one of my bodyguard(my nephew)...Amsyar.

so I guess, I need to be more postive and more sincere since I have to face these sincere faces everyday... 
InsyaAllah.....and also reflecting myself....as a servant of Allah....because I was like these kids also 21 years ago. 

Seperti mana hadis Rasulullah saw,” anak itu ibarat seperti kain putih,ibu bapalah yang akan mencorakkannya menjadi nasrani, yahudi ataupun majusi”

May you guys become good servants of Allah! amin...

p/s : 
to one of my friend in this blogger world, may you live a good life...towards the best life as a muslim.
life and tests from Allah is like a twin. As long as you live and breath, you will be tested by Allah. 
The tests might come from your friends, parents, family, finance, and importantly yourself. 
 If you are trying to run from the problems or tests, then you are good for nothing. 
 Try to adapt yourself to the situation, no matter how hard it is
 InsyaAllah, you will be fine.  
Plus,you have been good to me although we are just knowing each other in  this so called fantasy world. 
and I know you encountered many problems with the people around you.  as I just know you by reading your blog,and the things that you wrote in your blog is just a small part of your problems, isn't ?
I can't simply ask you the rest of your problems that you might keep it within yourself, but try to console yourself. Allah know everything in your heart. You are nowhere to hide. 
I do have my own problems too. and the things that I wrote in my blog is just 20 % of my life. I did not write all of them because I regard them as my very own private secrets to Allah. Allah knows how deadly I am consoling myself to face them all. That is life. . 
anyway, I am still your Kak Sath (as you are the only one name me Kak Sath)
You know I am also trying my deadly best to become a good muslim. and I wish you the same too. 
be good to people, and let them be if they are treating us badly. Leave it to Allah. 

I guess, that's all from me. ya.. today's post quite sincere...

And lastly, don't forget to pray for our brothers and sisters in Syria, Palestine, Myanmar and others. amin.