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Thursday, June 9, 2016

:: being harsh ::


I can feel the tremor whenever i open up my blog. I have no idea though.

Happy ramadhan everyone. Alhamdulillah... i am going to start my next posting very soon. Life goes on as usual, as Allah's willing.

I got story to share though.
I'd encountered situation that to me was simple, but i really need to tell here.

One of my friend, which is a guy, he told me, not to be too harsh with guys. I startled and paused. Did I? All these while?

Then i realised there was one incident whereby my friend was telling me something randomly, and i was like.. what... then? Why would u even tell me.. unnecessary isnt. Then he pressed his forehead like very stressful gesture. Ohh. Did i just being harsh.. wasnt I?

From where and when i started ... i didnt realised. At all. For why i reacted all the way like that... i have no idea too.

And one of my friend talked down to me. He told me, why dont you get married? And so randomly like that.

Omg. Im not being picky. Im not. Not not... but i have right to choose. Because whoever i am going to choose, will stay with me, will be my bestest friend and i dont choose a random mate. To hold that title. My bestest friend yg halal.

I am 25 yo this year. For how long Allah gonna borrow this dunya to me, i dunno too. But for what i am very sure, Allah will send someone who will compliment my life, my absolute characters, and every single lacking that i have. InsyaAllah.

Pray to Allah for that. Amiin :'(

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

life as it is


phew. it has been a while since i last blogging.

omg. too many things happen in my life...
it just beyond my control

i want to cry, but but but
no tears come out... yeayyyyyy

it gets dried. hahahahhaa

alhamdulillah. Allah makes me a stronger person because of useless event.

i just dont want to look behind again.  no more sadness..

life must go on. fightingggg.. insyaAllah. ๐Ÿ˜€