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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Many stories to share #part 4

Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barokatuh..

it has been 2 weeks I'm in Sibu. and there are many things to ponder upon here.

1. It's bloody tiring.
when I started my day 1 here, of course the class was in the hospital. and day 1, people normally would give talk, seminar and of course things like that with these facies. new facies. talk talk talk...taught us how to proper wash/clean our 'clean' hands using sanitizer. interesting. I was so excited following every single steps that were demonstrated to us. after that, talk talk talk went on .........till the moment I'd realized that I was sleeping. well, it was a conducive room to make people feel sleepy anyhow. and not because I was not getting  enough sleep the night before ya.
and the talks went just like that from 8-11.30 something.
And week 1 just went on like that. go to hospital early morning, greet patients, ? greet doctors to ask permission to observe procedures that they were ordered to do. sometimes, chased them all over the cubicals to get just a small signature and sometimes became dummy-like creature standing there for 20 minutes looking at them writing something and freak enough to interrupt just to get the signature..  ...[doctors and medical students in the point view of patients seemed to be very busy, walk here and there....in fact, they're actually 'main tarik tali' ]...O people, come on... be cool of dropping your signature. weren't you once a medical student  before?
and around 5 pm back to hostel with all very pale face because very tired. and the schedule is repeating for the next 9 weeks.....
Now, it has been 2 weeks, and I'm developing symptoms of ?anaemia. O Allah, give me strength....whatever it is, subhanallah walhamdulillah...

2. they are also human not just patients
I guess, this problem happen to all medical students. approach patient and say we want to ask some questions[which is not that SOME but MANY MANY questions actually, kan???]...
ask ask ask, do physical examination...ask ask ask again......to complete our history taking in a very short time. but you should realized how much you're adding the suffer and burden them.
They're not healthy people. you just couldn't expect they would entertain you happily and hospitably.
so don't force them . ask them few questions and go back home. tomorrow approach back and get back the things that you missed regarding the history taking....this is a full advice to myself especially. fatigue me vs fatigue patient..subhanallah walhamdulillah

3. less is more actually
what I like about the hostel that I'm staying right now is, the restaurant is sharing the same building with our hostel building. and I eat there almost everyday. and the kakak-kakak there also of very nice workers, and the restaurant also got television and sometimes I spent some of my time to watch masterchef malaysia. however, the food is rather too oily and hmm....I guess, this could worsen my anaemia. no fresh vegies, if got vegies, the cooking style is very hmmm.....too much oil...eventhough I do eat KFC, but it happen once a while. eating at the restaurant is not a big issue but the problem is I eat very unhealthy food everyday. I've no more option. balik pukul 12pm. straight away go there....O Allah, please give them ilham to consider us and my condition....amin....

4. I miss my family
again,it's normal kan? T_T

5. My roommate
hehe...I've got Su as my roommate.... Alhamdulillah...
being her roommate always making me to feel like kakak kakak-feeling....
I always have different rommates since I was in Labuan matriculation. and there were 5 roommates that I've ever living with including Su. I will treat her my best like kakak-kakak....she is like little sister...let's live together well,k?

6. Untold story of arwah Dr. Rafidah Muhamad. innalillahi wa inna ilaihi roji'un....
she was a sister to my sister's friend. she also was my senior in medical school. I saw her once and heard her stories told by her mom whenever I went back home and eat at her mom's restaurant. her mom always told me about her latest news. like she was working in Lundu Hospital, promoted as MO.....as far as I remembered, my chinese teacher always praised her because she was well-known as a smart student when she was schooling and also my sister also told me that she was a 4-flat student when she was studied in Labuan Matriculation. May Allah bless her and place her together with the people that He awarded with maghfirah and rahmah...May Allah place her in Jannah and make ease her way to Him... remember, we also shall return to Allah one day...reflect and refresh back ourselves. kullun nafsi dza ikkatul maut[setiap yang bernyawa pasti merasai mati....]

7. Pray for ummah
Alhamdulillah, the muslim world was has made another big hit when our brother in Islam, Dr Mohamed Morsi was elected as new president of Egypt/Mesir. Alhamdulillah.....
and also, pray for Syria, Palestin, Myanmar muslim brothers and sisters, Philippines muslim brothers and sisters and pray for the ummah as well.....if we can't afford to go there and perform jihad to fight for Islam from those kuffar, please make du'a....banyak banyak.... I m so afraid in the akhirat, Allah will ask me why I never help them even with du'a...so make du'a for them....isn't that also a weapon?
I'd once told my mother,
"mak, I'll one day work at palestin..."
"If you work there, then my blood will rise up to 200..."

hmmm....mom, I love you very much and nothing would trade my love for you in this dunya...but I love my brothers and sisters there too...even now,I'm very worry about them....mom, of course I won't go if you're not redha with me as I know Allah will not redha with me if I go against you.....just to let you know that I've got variety kind of loves to share to muslim brothers and sisters....I love you,both mak and bapak.

Last words of the day,
"Apapun alasan yang ada, saya memang suka menulis dan saya akan tetap memenuhi keinginan saya untuk tetap menulis. Jika apa yang saya tulis adalah sesuatu yang benar, Alhamdulillah. Namun jika tidak, maka Astaghfirullah. Tetapi, saya yakin bahawa kalaupun tulisan ini tidak bermanfaat, insya Allah tetap tidak mendatangkan mudharat. Namun, kebaikanlah yang saya inginkan, dan Allah sajalah yang dapat memberi taufiq,”

(As Syahid Imam Hassan Al Banna)


Sunday, June 17, 2012


Assalamualaikum warahmatullah.

2-3 hari ni adalah hari yg memenatkan [cukup2] bg saya. pindah ke sibu for a year. if you're not promoted to 4th year, you should repeat 3rd year as stated. itu fakta bukan auta..memulakan hidup di sibu,...................

pelik. bandar yg pelik.. perasaan pelik sama macam pertama kali saya melangkah ke labuan.

melilau jugak mata melihat bandar sibu ni...

well, sebenarnya bukan itu yg saya nak crita...

esok, 18 jun 2012, kelas pertama saya utk tahun ketiga

saya dapat medicine posting dulu out of 4 postings.

hmm.. tak brani nak kata apa2.

otak kosong semcm je.

well, kosong2 pun, kena isi jugak kan. apa lagi..isi ah.....

pray that everything will be going smoothly as for me and the entire batch.

Ya Allah, permudahkanlah jalanku, juga sahabat2 ku..

dan jgn lupa doa utk saudara2 kita yg tertindas di syria,palestin, mesir,myanmar, filipina dan mana2 yg sewaktu dgnnya. malaysia pun tertindas dalam diam what....hhehehehehe....sensitip ...

ok. dah lewat. preparing myself for tomorrow class. bismillahi tawwakaltu alallah...