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Thursday, November 20, 2014

:: What has written::

Bismilahirahmanirahim. Assalamualaikum

I have no idea why I have this kind of mushy mushy mood these few days.
Hormonal imbalance perhaps? or maybe Iman Imbalance?  Dangggg... Hit me right on my nose!

Oh before I start, I want to express my syukur to Allah SWT , because of His Merciful, I passed my Orthopaedics exam! :')   Yesterday, or a week before the result out, I was praying hard to Allah, keep my heart at ease and peace though I failed in my short case :'( to give me strength to continue my next posting. Anything can happen right? I might fail my ortho and I dont even confident whether I did well in my long case even. BUT BUT.... Allah is The Greatest. Alhamdulillah. Subhanallah. He is The Most Merciful towards His creations. I passed my exam at last. Alhamdulillah.... May He gives me strength to do well in my current posting and the same goes to my friends too. InsyaAllah. :')

Alright. These few days I've been thinking to update my blog. About "what has written".
I attended my friend's wedding and in just few days, my cousin pulak going to have her wedding.
Barakallah. SO you know right why I am writing this? with my mushy mushy mood. heheh.

when people talk about wedding or meeting someone for real, I am so freak to have such an extensive and excessive talk about that. WHY? because I am afraid. Is there really a person that willing to spend life with me? in future? or near future?
I told myself, InsyaAllah there is, because our jodoh already written in Luh Mahfuz. No doubt about that. It just a matter of time.

Marriage is definitely one of the many many many many goals in one's life. Don't bluff of saying that you do not intended to meet someone one day...

It takes abundant times, and prays to choose, what more to those who terribly picky in searching.

To me, a soul partner till jannah aka partner in crime (heheh) is someone that seriously accepting you in whatever ways you bring yourself inside and out.

You do the math. How many guys out there that only searching for partners with good looks? good materials? good bods? (read: bodies). 99.9%! I dare you to cut my fingers if they aren't!

Where is the 0.01% guys huh? I wish. hurm.

A guy who accept you physically and your characters,

Physically, a guy who accept,
1. flaws on your face. a girl with the most acne counts on earth
2. a girl with the lowest nasal bridge on planet
3. a girl who has ugliest eyes
4. a girl with thickest darkest eyebrows
5. a girl with noodle like hair or sparse hair
6. a girl who has widest diameter of legs circumference or girl with freaking chopstick like legs

what the fishhhhhh.... Is there any guys out there that don't mind about that? only looking at heart? hard to say huh?

Prophet Muhammad counted in 0.01 % man. The dream guy ever.

In term of your character, he who willing to accept....

1. a girl who is slow brainer. haha. her math is waaaayyyyyyyy rusted. haha. She needs her phone calculator when she just need to calculate less than rm10.00 money. pity her.

2. she is too clumsy. gosh. she is always giggling and clumsy. she walks clumsily, she talks clumsily. she tries to contol her clumsiness and it seems like she is going to become cyanosed if she keeps her clumsiness inside her head.

3. she is messy. messy enough. with her laundry, and unfolded clothes. she tries to tidy her table, and 5 mintues after that, everything become so messy again. maybe her books having any hidden legssss????

4. She is too excited and loud. you barely see her uvula when she laughs (metaphore). that means, she is too loud, talks noisily. Only when she develops ulcers on her tongue then she laughs politely. sadisnya.

5. she is extremely naive. you tell her any false stories, she would believe you to death. haha. she cannot accept if you scold her or being angry of her for ridiculous reasons.

6. she doesn't know how to express her love in proper way. She could give you a gift, or say she loves you, but her face turned pink and cyanosed sometimes. heheh. too embarassing for her.

7. She doesn't know how to express her temper in a better way or positive way. she either scold you right away, cry her heart out or if she keeps silent, that even dangerous. hurmmm.

8. and her tearssss... omg. she is such a tearful person ever. you might think she is too sensitive or too emotional. she would cry if people dislike her for some reasons, she would cry if her cats die and many more reasons to cry. haha. she feels stronger if she cries.

9. she is very firm with her decision that you might think she is tooooooooo stubborn. be mindful.... she is firm, not a stubborn person. if you tell her good reasons, she will easily give in to you.

Lastly, I read somewhere. it says " you don't see things as it is."

if she is a clumsy person, you take it as a bonus. for you. this type of soulmate needs really good care. when you go out with her, no matter how many children you have in future, please please and please you still need to hold her hand when you want to cross the road cause she just simply dash away leaving you behind to the opposite road cause she is too nervous. bahaya2x.... stand with her at the counter when she is paying money cause she would just simply take the money without counting first and walk away forgetting all her plastic bags with the things that she just bought. Teroknyaaaa....
she doesn't know how to read the clock with 24-hour system. she takes sometimes to analyse it. told ya, her math is simply lousy.

if she is a messy wife, you sit down and do some soft talk with her. what you can tolerate and what you cannot tolerate with. Told ya, she is naive. If you being frank with her, don't simpan2... she will accept it and try to improve. if she doesn't even bother to iron your baju kerja, thats too much lah kan. if she is more to kitchen thingy, why can't you even move your pseudo paralyse hands and help her to kemas2 the living room ka.... easy kan....

if she is too loud... it is a modifiable factor lah. if day 1 live together, you jaw would drops seeing her uvula for real when she laughs, without even need a tongue depressor, you tell her to change from day to day in a good and sweet manner. Don't simply shout and pull out her uvula. Ohhhhh thats my cruel and cartoon(ist) imagination only. !she would change. to be a better person and wife.
if you enjoy to hear her laugh, you tell her please laugh like that only in front of me cause I kinda jealous if other guys enjoy your laugh. she will control that. InsyaAllah.

if you want to write about weaknesses that one's has, it is endless....
you could not change that in 1 day, you accept
and if there is things to change, do it slowly. don't force.

is there any guy that could accept you as you are?? Ah... I feel like going for a good travel (perform Umrah ke...) to calm myself down... too much weaknesses of me. hmm.

May Allah eases our jodoh . amin.

"Say: whether you hide what is in your hearts or manifest it, Allah knows it, He knows whatever is in the heaven and whatever is in the earth, and Allah has power over all things " (Surah Ali Imraan:29)


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  2. [Komen part 1]
    "Marriage is definitely one of the many many many many goals in one's life. Don't bluff of saying that you do not intended to meet someone one day...".... Lol, so true XD.. Semua orang mesti ada fikir tentang kahwin. Except for, of course, those who don't have any problem with extramarital relationship.

    Oh btw, Salaam. Hi there, Kak Sath. Dah lebih setahun kot tak kontek XD

    Tiba-tiba rasa nak jengok pagi ni. Dan hah, ada pon update.

    Yang entry bawah ni (yang dalam BM tu) rasa awkward pulak baca. Hahah XD Rasa macam baca blog orang yang tak dikenali.

    Kembali tentang perkahwinan... Yup, yup, bila tengok kengkawan kita makin ramai kawin, op cos lah kita mula rasa cemas, gelisah, "bila turn aku?", timbul inferior complex, etc... But yeah, as you said, jangan risau, jodoh dah pun ditentukan, kan? :D

    Dan..... ada sesetengah ustazah promote kat golongan perempuan, saying "Kita sebagai perempuan, tugas kita adalah tunggu lelaki datang meminang, sementara tu kita harus perbaiki akhlak kita, iman kita, untuk melayakkan diri mendapat calon yang........." so on and so forth... kan?.... Which is, maybe true in some sense, but not quite practical. Especially untuk menenangkan golongan hawa yang sedang berada dalam state kegelisahan. Kata-kata ustazah sedemikian mungkin mampu menenangkan golongan hawa untuk sementara, macam dadah. Tapi lama-lama hilang jugak efek ilusi tu. So let's be more realistic. Even Saidatina Khadijah r.a. pun, bila beliau berminat dengan Rasulullah s.a.w., what did she do? Just stand there, do nothing, and miraculously hoping that Rasulullah s.a.w. would someday somehow realize her feeling? Nope...

    So yeah, you got one option there :D Boleh teladani Khadijah r.a.. So jangan terlalu risau tentang jodoh, okeh? :)

    And also, yup, I have to agree: Kebanyakan lelaki, or 'manusia' in this case, tidak kira lelaki atau perempuan, are judging people solely/purely based on opposite gender's RUPA.

    Walaupun "judge orang berdasarkan rupa" tu bukanlah entirely satu kesalahan, especially untuk cari pasangan kahwin (coz let's face it, of course SEMUA orang nak kahwin dengan pasangan yang -at least- kena dengan taste mereka -kalaupun bukan secantik ratu cantik dunia-).

    But the problem comes when they judge people HANYA BERDASARKAN rupa......

    But then again, kes ni pun tak perlu risau sangat sebenarnya. Alhamdulillah, Allah ciptakan taste manusia amat pelbagai. Bagi sesetengah lelaki, they prefer caucasian looking girl, sesetengah lelaki prefer desi looking girl, and some prefer arab looking, some prefer asian looking, some prefer latina looking, some prefer skinny girl, some prefer chubby girl, some don't mind freckles and jerawats, some don't mind kulit gelap, some loves perempuan kening tebal, some loves curly hair.. and so on... Tak pecaya? Cuba tengok video ni: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JQa6U5GkeA

    You'll be like, no way, that guy can't be serious....
    Maka ramailah yang mula buat spekulasi & teori konspirasi sendiri: "He's just doing it for green card!!" blablabla...
    But no. That's not true at all. I've been following their channel for quite some time and I know how they truly love each other.
    He just love asian looking chubby girl, so nak buat macamana kan? Taste orang pelbagai.

    So yeah.... again, jangan terlalu risau tentang rupa.
    After all, you look nothing close to that guy from Hunchback of Notre Dame (http://a.dilcdn.com/bl/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2013/03/90s-Hunchback-of-Notre-Dame.png). Kalau orang rupa macamtu, memang legitimately ada right untuk hilang harapan dari mendapat jodoh (and no, I'm not being sarcastic or sinister at all. Just being realistic, with all rasa belas kasihan kepada mereka yang berupa sebegitu).

    But Kak Sath, you're not bad looking at all. Quite the contrary, you're pretty good looking, kan?

    1. Hafidz, I kinda accidentally deleted your recent mail. Seems like my email gotta weird problem nowadays. Can you resend ur mail to me again?

    2. Hafidz, I kinda accidentally deleted your recent mail. Seems like my email gotta weird problem nowadays. Can you resend ur mail to me again?

  3. [Komen part 2]
    Btw, ni titiber nak lari topik: about that 0.01% people in your entry... Realistically speaking, even Rasulullah s.a.w. pun, bukanlah tak kisah LANGSUNG tentang rupa wanita yang datang melamarnya. Of course ada certain personal-preference baginda s.a.w. tersendiri. There's one instance where seorang wanita datang 'menyerahkan' diri kepada Rasulullah:

    [Hadith Sahih Muslim Jilid 3. No. 1348 Topik: Kahwin]
    Dari Sahal bin Sa'ad As-Sa'idi r.a., katanya: "Seorang perempuan datang kepada Rasulullah saw. lalu dia berkata: "Aku datang untuk menyerahkan diri ku kepada anda." Kerana itu Rasulullah saw. lihat kepada perempuan itu sejak dari atas sampai ke bawah. Kemudian beliau diam sambil menundukkan kepalanya. Tatkala dilihat oleh perempuan itu Rasulullah saw. tidak memberikan tanggapan apa-apa, lalu dia duduk. Maka berdirilah seorang sahabat sambil berkata: "Ya, Rasulullah! Jika anda tidak memerlukan wanita itu, kahwinkanlah dia dengan ku. Rasulullah saw. bertanya, "Adakah engkau punya sesuatu untuk mas kahwinnya?" Jawab orang itu, "Tidak! Demi Allah, ya Rasulullah!" Sabda beliau, "Pergilah kepada keluarga mu, lalu cari-cari, mungkin engkau boleh mendapatkan sesuatu." Maka pergilah orang itu. Setelah kembali, dia berkata, "Demi Allah! Tiada satu pun yang ku peroleh untuk mas kahwinnya." Maka bersabda pula Rasulullah saw., "Cubalah engkau cari-cari, walaupun hanya sebentuk cincin besi." Lalu pergilah orang itu, dan setelah kembali dia berkata pula, "Tidak ada yang Rasulullah. Tidak ada walaupun hanya sebentuk cincin besi. Yang ada hanya sarungku ini. Kata Sahal, dia tidak punya sarung selain yang dipakainya. Kuberikan untuknya separuh." Jawab Rasulullah saw., "Apa yang dapat engkau perbuat dengan sarungmu itu: jika engkau pakai, dia tak dapat memakainya, dan jika dia yang memakai, engkau tak punya apa-apa." Kerananya, maka duduklah si lelaki. Setelah agak lama dia duduk, lalu dia berdiri. Rasulullah saw. melihat dia pergi, lalu disuruh panggil oleh beliau. Setelah dia datang, beliau bersabda : "Surah apa sajakah yang dapat engkau hafal di antara surah-surah Al Quran?" Jawabnya, "Aku hafal surah ini dan surah itu dia menghitung. Tanya Rasulullah saw., "Dapatkah engkau hafal di luar kepala?" Jawab: "Ya!" Sabda Rasulullah saw., "Engkau bawalah dia! Aku kahwinkan engkau dengannya, dengan mahar mengajarkan Al Quran yang engkau hafal kepadanya."

    So yeah, as you can see clearly from the Hadith, Rasulullah s.a.w. too has his own preferences, and of course, nothing is wrong with that. Completely normal. Also, we can see from the Hadith that, even if someone is not interested in you, someone else will. Taste manusia pelbagai.

  4. [Komen part 3]
    Btw, some people imagine Rasulullah s.a.w. to be a super-human (e.g. like don't have desire, etc), tapi imej tu adalah simply salah. As I stress again and again, he s.a.w. too was a human being. Manusia biasa.

    So bolehlah kiranya saya ambik kesempatan ni untuk promote my favorite seerah series on YouTube. A series by Sheikh Yasir Qadhi. IMO, sumber TERBAIK untuk mempelajari sirah, and I'm not even exaggerating. Isinya sungguh detail, sahih, dan REALISTIK (elemen yang sering diabaikan oleh golongan "mystic" muslim, yang suka mengagungkan Rasulullah s.a.w. secara berlebihan sampai dah jadi macam malaikat dah).

    So anyways, here's the playlist for the series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y22vp9pp8JE&list=PLC89682017B43845D

    Dari siri ni, in sha Allah, people will learn the realistic image of Rasulullah s.a.w.
    Btw, Sh. Yasir was a student of Hadith from Universiti Madinah, and dedicated most of his life studying the deen. So tahap scholarship beliau -maa shaa Allah, tabaarakallah- memang tak dapat dipertikaikan :) Siri sirahnya sungguh akademik dan informative! Kisah palsu yang sering kita dengar dalam masyarakat kita pun banyak beliau bongkarkan!

    Kalau tak rajin nak spend masa lama-lama depan laptop, tonton video ni, in sha Allah boleh je google "youtube video to mp3 converter" then convert semua video jadi MP3, then layan MP3 seerah ni sambil buat kerja lain :)

    [Ps: I too, listen to the lectures sambil main game (Bejeweled 3). Game simple yang tak gunakan akal, so fokus saya memang 95% tertumpu kat isi lectures je alhamdulillah. "Mata" dok main game semata-mata untuk taknak bagi ngantuk je. Haha. (Sebab satu episod pon dah makan masa 1jam+)]

    P/S: Regarding "jangan agungkan Rasulullah s.a.w. secara berlebihan", baginda s.a.w. sendiri ada pesan :
    [Hadith Sahih Bukhari, No. 1503 Jilid 3 Topik: Nabi]
    Dari Umar r.a., katanya: Aku mendengar Nabi s.a.w. bersabda: "Janganlah kamu memuji (memuliakan) aku berlebihan sebagaimana orang Nasrani memuji (memuliakan) anak Maryam. Aku hanya hamba Allah. Maka katakanlah: "Hamba Allah dan RasulNya".

    Waha. Panjang pulak komen. Took me +-2 hours to write. Lolol. Boleh buat blog entry dah XD.

    Anyways. Sorie karang panjang-panjang. Sebab we share some common opinion in this regard, mungkin sebab tu saya esaited nak komen kot XD

    Oops.. Takleh komen pulak. Exceed character limit. Wahaha. So saya split this comment into 2 parts lah ye. :)

  5. Oops again... Link kat atas ni tak boleh tekan. How I wish they were clickable... Izinkan saya buat link versi boleh klik ye. Sorie.

    Link 1 : [Gloria & Ali]
    Link 2 : [Quasimodo from Hunchback of Notre Dame]
    Link 3 : [Seerah Series by Sh. Dr. Yasir Qadhi]

    P/S: Gloria & Ali even got married.....pada.... lebih kurang 2 @ 3 bulan lepas.

  6. Oh and!! Sorry XD Hahahahaha. I meant to say ONE more thing! (komen sebelum ni panjang sangat sampai lupa pasal benda ni).

    You said "I feel like going for a good travel (perform Umrah ke...) to calm myself down..."...

    When I read that, I was like, "Oh em gee!! Finally!! Jumpa pon orang yang sekepala dengan aku", out of kegembiraan. Ahha. Yup, that's me, exactly, Kak Sath :) Teringin benor nak gi umrah untuk cari kehidupan baru :) Semoga Allah tunaikan impian kita. Ameen.

    You know, lately, bila saya jenguk FB kawan-kawan saya yang tayang gambar mereka melancong ke Europe & US, saya sering terfikir, "Diorang ni ada duit, tapi tak terilham ye untuk pergi Umrah... Sayangnya..." Gitu...

    And today, I found you sentuh sikit tentang topik "travel" and then the destination you chose, maa shaa Allah, tabaarakallah :') was the house of Allah!!! Ahhhh.... Wahhhhhhhh...... Again, semoga Allah menjemput kita yang ingin bertandang ke rumahNya ini untuk ke rumahNya. Ameen.

  7. eh. I did not realise that you were dropping by here. welcome. you are here again after 1 year! I bet you are doing good with your business with the moral support from your bonda and ayahanda. (nah. I still remember how you address your parents. cause it kinda too classic for me. or maybe too royal. send my regard to your bonda. from your blogger friend who your once sent a parcel to sarawak. for the first time i think you wrote address to sarawak?